Deutsche Bank live with sponsored access on Nasdaq OMX Nordic

Source: Nasdaq OMX

Nasdaq OMX (NASDAQ:NDAQ) announces that Deutsche Bank will start offering low latency Sponsored Access to the Nasdaq OMX Nordic exchanges in Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen and Iceland using Nasdaq OMX Nordic's newly enhanced Pre-Trade Risk Management service.

Sponsored Access enables members to provide their clients with direct connectivity to NASDAQ OMX Nordic's ultra low latency matching services, offering cost savings to both clients and members as they avoid the cost of integrating and connecting the client's order flow to the member's system.

Deutsche Bank is the first member to take advantage of NASDAQ OMX Nordic's recently enhanced Pre-Trade Risk Management service which, through offering sophisticated pre-trade risk layer and administration interface, mitigates market risk by monitoring all orders submitted to the NASDAQ OMX Nordic exchanges.

"We are delighted to be working with Deutsche Bank in providing their clients with access to NASDAQ OMX Nordic exchanges. Following the launch of our state-of-the art INET trading system and the release of our enhanced Pre-Trade Risk Management tool we see a strong interest for sponsored access. A key benefit of our sponsored access offering is the ultra low latency available via our co-location services", said Bjørn Sibbern, Senior Vice President NASDAQ OMX Transaction Services Nordic.

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