Saxo Bank launches new suite of free forex widgets

Source: Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank, the specialist in online trading and investment, is launching a new Forex Content Sharing Program, with a suite of freshly-designed Forex widgets that bring real-time FX prices, charts and commentary, to any website or blog

The new Saxo Bank Forex widgets are 'mini web pages' that add live, continually updating FX content to a website. Seven customisable web widgets, including a Forex Quote List, Currency Converter, Forex Ticker, real-time Forex Chart, Economic Calendar, Price Alert and Market Call videos, are now available to webmasters and bloggers who register as Content Sharing Partners. Each widget is based on Flash components, making it simple to add them to any platform, including Facebook, Wordpress and Blogger.

Widgets are becoming increasingly popular as internet tools, and the new Forex tools from Saxo Bank will allow users to add live Forex content to any website, whether it's a financial site, an FX trading blog or a travel site offering its customers real-time currency conversions.

Adrian Coxon, Saxo Bank's Global Head of Online Marketing, commented, "With our Content Sharing Program, Saxo Bank is making it easier than ever for a variety of websites to add Forex information that will be relevant and useful to their visitors."

"All of our widgets have been re-designed for today's blogs and websites," Coxon added, "and we're particularly excited to be adding streaming video with Market Call, which delivers video updates from Saxo Bank's renowned Forex analysts directly to our Partner's websites."

The financial widgets are available to webmasters through the Saxo Bank website, so that they will be able to implement them with their own website or blog. Once the blogger or site owner has registered as a Content Sharing Partner, they can then customize the widgets and place them onto their site within minutes.

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