Panini unveils payment processing tech

Source: Panini

Yesterday, at the AFP Annual Conference in San Antonio Texas, Panini introduced their newest payment processing solution; the Panini wI:Deal.

This multi-format document capture solution extends the breakthrough features of Panini's I:Deal check scanner to capture a wide variety of documents - checks, full pages, rigid documents and cards - enabling use at bank branches and at business locations. Financial institutions and their customers can now combine check capture and document automation with this new, state-of-the-art technology.

"This strategic initiative is another important milestone of Panini's innovation program, leveraging the intellectual capital of the I:Deal remote deposit capture (RDC) platform, with the objective to continue to set world-class standards for the distributed capture industry," says Michael Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer, Panini.

The new Panini wI:Deal features a compact, ergonomic, and attractive design making it suitable for any workspace. The conception and design of the solution supports a wide variety of application environments:
1) Bank Branch - Tellers and business bankers can convert/truncate checks (including MICR capture and ink jet endorsement) and image full page documents with a single device minimizing hardware footprint requirements while providing an ergonomically efficient solution that minimizes teller work effort, and enhancing the customer experience.

2) Remote Deposit Capture - Small to medium-sized businesses using a remote deposit application will benefit from the ergonomics and speed of the wI:Deal for full page page capture, allowing imaged documents to be directly usable with existing TWAIN-based document management and/or accounting applications.

3) Remote Remittance (aka virtual lockbox, remote lockbox, distributed lockbox) - Financial institutions have the ability to receive customer payments at remote sites separate from their centralized lockbox location. Utilizing the wI:Deal, all documents related to a transaction can be captured and converted to digital image format - including envelopes, payment coupons, invoices, correspondence, checks and other documents - and sent electronically to the central lockbox site where they can be merged with central lockbox data.

4) Healthcare claims processing or other vertical applications - Healthcare and similar providers can now automate the manual, document intensive claims processing procedures by electronically capturing images of insurance cards, co-payments, reimbursement checks and other reimbursement documents such as EOB statements allowing them to easily and accurately match payments to claims, more effectively manage exception processing, enhance record keeping, archiving and audit trails and take advantage of remote deposit.

"Unlike existing full page document scanners, the Panini wI:Deal offers true check processing in an ergonomic and affordable device, making it the perfect, most efficient solution for these application environments," notes Pratt.

Additional notable features of the wI:Deal include automatic document alignment, franking (marking an item as deposited), endorsement printing, multiple processing modes to automatically detect the document type, document capture settings specific to various document types, TWAIN 2.0 compliant interface, compact footprint, attractive design, and ISO 9001 quality certification. "Panini has leveraged its competencies in the areas of design and innovation to ensure the wI:Deal features intuitive use, ergonomic design, high reliability, and full document processing functionality," adds Pratt.

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