National Bank of Canada to roll out Nice platform across call centres

Source: Nice Systems

NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE), the global provider of advanced solutions that enable organisations to extract insight from interactions today announced it has received a significant deal from the National Bank of Canada to implement NICE Perform in call centres of their major divisions, including National Bank Discount Brokerage, National Bank Trust, National Bank Securities, National Bank Insurance.

The solution will be implemented in Montreal, Quebec.

The NICE Perform solution was chosen to replace a competitor's existing system, based on its capabilities for extracting insights from customer interactions, providing a quantifiable understanding and anticipation of customer preferences, potential risks and new opportunities. By applying NICE Perform's advanced capabilities the National Bank of Canada will be able to improve customer care and level of service as well as compliance with legal requirements.

Moreover, the National Bank of Canada will benefit from NICE Perform's unique Agent Coaching solution, which will provide supervisors with targeted tools for improving agent performance and decreasing attrition. With these tools supervisors can create personalized coaching packages and receive immediate feedback on their agents' skills and compliance with regulations. By ensuring that guidelines and regulations are followed, the risk of legal action is mitigated. Moreover, by decreasing attrition, the cost of recruiting and training new agents, translates into considerable operational cost savings.

"We are very pleased by this latest order for NICE Perform," said Haim Shani, President and Chief Executive Officer at NICE. "Organizations are quickly recognizing the value of NICE Perform for going beyond traditional call recordings and quality monitoring. NICE Perform's differentiating value-add is its ability to provide the metrics by which organizations measure and predict customer behavior as the critical feedback to the enterprise and its processes."

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