Trading Technologies releases Synthetic Strategy Engine

Source: Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) has announced the release of Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE), a server-based application that enables users to create and manage synthetic order types that are not natively supported by an exchange.

Orders generated through Synthetic SE can be placed across the full spectrum of derivatives exchanges supported by TT. At present, TT provides access to more than 30 exchanges on five continents.

With Synthetic SE, users can employ X_TRADER® Pro to define custom synthetic orders, including trailing stop and if touched, iceberg, time and volume sliced orders, trailing limit and more. Synthetic orders can be combined to create custom orders, such as a trailing stop that becomes an iceberg when the stop is triggered. Synthetic orders are visible and shared across users who share the underlying instrument's order book.

Synthetic SE is the second member of TT's Strategy Engine (SE) family of server-based execution products. The first, Autospreader® Strategy Engine, was launched in September 2009. The SE family harnesses proximity-based computing and delivers optimal performance, speed and resiliency to traders regardless of where they are located. Orders placed through an SE application are executed on a server located in close proximity to the exchange matching engine. Simply put, TT's server-based SE execution platform enables traders to trade from virtually anywhere in the world without experiencing the latency typically associated with remote trading.

TT's Tom Haldes, Senior Product Manager Trading Automation, said, "Following up on the popular Autospreader Strategy Engine, Synthetic Strategy Engine provides brokers and buy-side firms with high-performance, proximity-based execution for ultra-low-latency response in volatile markets. It also addresses the needs of execution traders who wish to minimize market impact when executing large size. Now users can create custom synthetic orders, such as randomized slicers with mid-slice custom behavior, and apply those orders consistently across the range of markets TT supports."

Clients can deploy and manage Strategy Engine servers themselves, or they can utilize TTNET™, TT's fully-managed hosting solution. TTNET allows firms to outsource the deployment and 24/7 end-to-end monitoring and maintenance of their trading network. It delivers optimal market access, maximum system stability and fast trade execution via hubs located close to the major exchanges in Chicago, New York, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Tokyo and Sydney.

X_TRADER users who wish to leverage Synthetic SE must use the latest version of X_TRADER Pro 7.8 or higher.

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