Nyse Technologies upgrades risk management gateway for launch in US liquidity centre

Source: Nyse Euronext

Nyse Technologies, the global commercial technology unit of Nyse Euronext, today announced that it has completed performance enhancements to its Risk Management Gateway (RMG) service now offered in Nyse Euronext's US liquidity center in Mahwah, New Jersey.

Available now, customers utilizing RMG's real-time risk controls and order management capabilities will benefit from improved functionality resulting in lower latency and greater consistency in latency performance in accessing nearly 50 trading destinations across the U.S.

Additionally, NYSE Technologies will introduce a new web interface for RMG in the fourth quarter of 2010 featuring functionality that aligns with the Security and Exchange Commission's recently-announced regulations on sponsored access in Rule 15c3-5 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. RMG will also offer a redesigned and improved website using Flex Technology, an open-source framework that offers a rich user experience which includes Flash programming and other widely-used applications. It deploys consistently across all major browsers while supporting enhanced content and user functionality that allows for significant control and improved ease of use for customers.

"RMG, which is already available and covers nearly 50 U.S. trading destinations, provides our clients with the most comprehensive set of customizable risk controls that help maintain best practices and regulatory compliance without compromising speed or performance," said Bruce Boytim, Vice President, Risk Management Gateway, NYSE Technologies. "We are excited to launch this product in our new U.S. liquidity center, which enables us to improve functionality and speed by integrating RMG within our fully-managed data center environment. We also look forward to quickly introducing even more risk-check functionality that is in sync with the SEC's comprehensive recommendations on sponsored access."

NYSE Technologies' Risk Management Gateway is a high throughput, low-latency routing and risk management engine with detailed risk checks and reporting capabilities. It enables broker-dealers to safely provide high performance, direct-market access to their clients while supplying broker-sponsored participants with real time risk-filtered access to all major market centers in the U.S. Offering fully customizable controls with microsecond performance and extensive risk filters, RMG also has broad monitoring capabilities optimized for each firms' unique requirements.

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