Orc offers Brazilian connectivity through Alpes

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software (SSE: ORC), a leading global provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, announces that Orc will offer access to Brazilian markets through the broker Alpes Corretora de Cambio (Alpes).

Alpes' clients will be able to take advantage of Orc's low latency trading infrastructure to deploy strategies for high-frequency trading including arbitrage, spread trading, volatility trading, and market making. In addition, Orc delivers sophisticated pricing, risk management, and volatility management tools to take advantage of the growing Brazilian trading environment. With Orc's products, traders will no longer need to build all of these tools from scratch, but will instead be able to use them immediately to begin trading more quickly.

Pedro Machado, in charge of Institutional Sales at Alpes, comments, "The tools previously available in the Brazilian market did not meet the demands of many of our customers. These traders sought solutions that they could get running quickly and with less effort, without sacrificing the high-performance necessary for success. Orc can deliver this to our customers and we are delighted to have them as our partner."

Ruben Guerrero, Strategic Partnership Manager at Orc Software, notes, "Brazil is a rapidly growing market with a strong local trading community. Alpes is one of the leading brokers in this community and gives our common customers fast and convenient access to trade in Brazil. Orc's solutions are designed to be high performance and easy to deploy. We believe that traders in Brazil will be able to take advantage of these tools to compete successfully as the market grows."

Among the numerous Orc Trading solutions available to Alpes' clients, the ones designed for high-frequency trading are expected to be in the greatest demand. Hosted at Alpes or co-located at the BM&FBOVESPA, Orc's server-based technology provides high-performance that allows traders to win more market opportunities. This technology delivered as an "out-of-the-box" product, such as Orc Spreader for arbitrage and spreading, gives traders a low-latency trading solution that can be quickly deployed in the market. Customers can aan also trade using Orc Trader, a click-trading product with robust pricing, risk management, and volatility management features that provide the analytics that traders need.

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