SIX Telekurs reports ING-DiBa implementation

Source: SIX Telekurs

SIX Telekurs has implemented two major projects at ING-DiBa, Germany's biggest direct bank.

The financial information provider, which supplies market data for the bank's online brokerage tool, has received praise for the user-friendliness of the market information site. Thanks to the enhancements, ING-DiBa is the German market leader in online brokerage.

SIX Telekurs has been working with the online bank ING-DiBa for about two years now. During this time, the financial information provider has realized two large market data projects. Together with local partner Smarthouse Media, the bank's market information site on the public web was revised in terms of design, ease of overview, search functions and clear presentation of securities information. At the same time, in the closed area of its online brokerage business, the bank replaced the market information provided hitherto by a competing company with the real-time price information in Market Data Feed (MDF) from SIX Telekurs. SIX Telekurs commissioned the Munich-based company targit GmbH to coordinate the project.

Cooperating with SIX Telekurs has yielded a number of advantages for ING-DiBa: The new online brokerage solution has an outstanding cost-performance profile. It guarantees stability and meets expectations of a reliable tool for online trading. The new market information page is clearly set out, and its depth of information is intuitively accessible. Redundancies with respect to data and costs have given way to a compelling and efficient solution.

Thomas Dwornitzak, Head of Business Development at the securities department of ING-DiBa, had this to say about the new solution: "The SIX Telekurs solution was highly convincing from both a technical and commercial perspective. Thanks to the innovations implemented, we are now the leader in the online brokerage area of the German market in terms of our web role as well."

Oliver Frös, Key Account Manager at SIX Telekurs Deutschland, who steered the project: "We are proud to have Germany's biggest and most popular direct bank as one of our clients and to have completed two demanding market data products this year - efficiently and successfully. We look forward to working with this client in future too."

Market Data Feed (MDF) from SIX Telekurs is a standardized real-time feed. It supplies consolidated market data from international sources in a standardized format. The data is assembled from more than 850 exchanges and data suppliers worldwide. But MDF does not just offer full coverage of the markets: it also takes into account the overall trading process, with detailed reported, derived and statistical data as well as business news from numerous agencies. SIX Telekurs supports the client's existing system components and offers tailor-made products. Integration of such personalized solutions helps clients of SIX Telekurs to cut costs and improve operating efficiency.

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