Fundtech upgrades Global Payplus

Source: Fundtech

Fundtech Ltd. (Nasdaq:FNDT), a market leader in global transaction banking solutions, today announced the introduction of the Global PAYplus Dashboard, a web-based application that monitors all aspects of the payment lifecycle, enabling the bank to monitor and manage liquidity and risk throughout the world.

The Dashboard consolidates a vast amount of system and account data giving payments operations executives a bird's-eye view of many key indicators in graphical display. Operations executives will be better able to manage liquidity for themselves as well as key clients, ensuring that sufficient funds are in settlement accounts and that key cutoff deadlines are met. Each user is able to customize their Dashboard to their specific needs, and can drill down from a global view to country and even manage branch-level data.

Commenting on the introduction, Isaac Yaniv, Fundtech's Executive Vice President and Chief Architect Officer said: "The need for improved liquidity and risk monitoring has never been greater, and we are providing Global PAYplus clients with the ability to improve their payment operations with the new Dashboard. The Dashboard enables users to see current performance data overlaid by historical patterns thus providing context to the data and enabling more informed decisions than ever before."

The Dashboard offers a new concept in systems monitoring called Payletsâ„¢, which are portlets that monitor payment operations. Among the Paylets being introduced are:

* Account Position Paylet â€" that monitors key customer and Nostro accounts by providing up-to-the-minute account balance, relevant currency data, and account limits;
* Traffic Status Paylets â€" that analyze, distill and aggregate the payments processing traffic, monitoring limits and volumes;
* Technical Status Paylet â€" that monitor internal, behind-the-scenes, queues that will identify potential backlogs and bottlenecks before they develop;
* Operational Status Paylet â€" shows how many payments are in the processing pipeline and ensures that there are enough logged in users, bearing relevant roles, to handle these payments effectively; and
* Cutoff Paylet - highlights approaching cut offs and aids in identifying operational issues.

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