Sword FircoSoft extends offer on Swift

Source: Sword FircoSoft

Sword FircoSoft, the leading global provider of watch list filtering solutions today announces the extension of its offer on Swift with Firco Continuity for Swift Alliance Entry (SAE) to eliminate the risk of processing illegal transactions within SAE.

In the context of embargo enforcements and the increased fight against terrorist financing, every financial institution whatever their daily volume of transactions, must exercise great care in the application of all relevant financial crime regulations and therefore be equipped with a highly reliable watch list filtering solution. One transaction represents one risk by itself, thus any institution processing transactions are strongly exposed. To answer the demand for the filtering of low volumes of transactions and understanding the risk every organisation faces whatever its size and business, Sword FircoSoft extends its offer on SWIFT with Firco Continuity for SWIFT Alliance Entry.

Firco Continuity for SWIFT Alliance Entry filters transactions processed within SAE and stops for review the ones involving sanctioned parties. It is a finely-tuned packaged offer specifically designed for institutions with low volumes of transactions, which includes a filter engine with sophisticated matching and data recognition capabilities and ready-to-use selected sanctions lists. Firco Continuity for SAE is quick and easy to deploy on a Windows environment as per SAE, allowing financial institutions to be protected in just a few days while benefiting from expertise and top-quality service in filtering gathered since 1994.

"Firco Continuity for SWIFT Alliance Entry is based on the same Sword FircoSoft state-of-the-art technology already used by thousands of end-users across the world and is already in production at some customer sites. It perfectly meets the needs for the filtering of transactions processed within SAE and can be up and running within three days" says Jean Losco, Director, Sword FircoSoft.


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