Huntington renews Cardtronics ATM branding deal

Source: Cardtronics

Huntington (Nasdaq:HBAN), a $52 billion regional bank holding company, has renewed its ATM branding agreement with Cardtronics (Nasdaq:CATM).

The multi-year extension allows Huntington to continue to display its branding on Cardtronics-owned and -operated ATMs in 122 Walgreens and CVS/pharmacy stores in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. By extending its ATM branding agreement with Cardtronics, Huntington will continue to receive prominent brand placement in the retail locations where its customers routinely shop, while also making those ATMs available fee-free to its customers.

In addition to the renewal of the 122 existing branding sites, Huntington is also placing its brand on 50 additional Cardtronics ATMs. Forty-six of the ATMs are located in CVS/pharmacy stores in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania, and the remaining four ATMs are located in Walgreens stores in the Cleveland, Ohio area, adding to Huntington's branded ATMs in the area.

"Huntington and Cardtronics have enjoyed a strong relationship over the years, and the renewal of this ATM branding agreement demonstrates the value of the program both for Huntington and its customers," stated Rick Updyke, President, U.S. Business Group for Cardtronics. "Our ATM branding programs allow financial institutions to better serve their customers by increasing ATM availability without the capital requirements and operational hassles of traditional off-premise ATM deployments."

"Huntington customers have benefited from the expanded ATM footprint we have been able to provide through our ATM branding relationship with Cardtronics, Walgreens and CVS," said Mary Navarro, Huntington senior executive vice president, retail and business banking director. "We are pleased to be able to continue to provide superior service for our customers by ensuring the easy availability of Huntington-branded ATMs where our customers shop on a daily basis."

Huntington has been an ATM branding customer of Cardtronics since 2005.

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