Panini unveils Vision X MFS

Source: Panini

Today, at the Bank Administration Institute's (BAI) Retail Delivery Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Panini is introducing their newest payment processing solution; the Panini Vision X MFS.

This multi-function system (MFS) extends the functionality of Panini's market-leading Vision X scanner with add-on hardware modules designed specifically to provide a range of additional office and branch automation functionality. Incorporating the industry-leading reliability, quality and performance customers expect from Panini, the Panini Vision X MFS features unparalleled affordability combined with best total quality.

"We are protecting and extending our customers' investment in Panini check capture technology by providing the ability to integrate additional capture and automation functions into our widely adopted check scanner platform," says Michael Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer, Panini.

Based on extensive market research conducted by Panini, validation printers and receipt printers are the most common hardware peripherals used by bank tellers. As a result, Panini's first goal with the MFS was to create a configuration including these functionalities. The MFS solution offers best-in-class check processing, receipt printing, and validation printing without any increase to the existing compact footprint of the Vision X check scanner. Flexible and low cost customer receipt printing is enabled by thermal roll tape printer module. Additionally, the MFS features a streamlined docking station to connect all system components while providing a single-source for optimized power, connectivity and cable management for the entire system. The new solution continues and extends the multi-function capabilities already present in the Vision X including magnetic card reading and cut sheet printing for validation and receipts.

In addition to the docking station and thermal receipt printer modules, the Panini Vision X MFS also offers a docking station with full-page/A4 scanning, including the ability to scan rigid documents/plastic ID cards. Both versions of the docking station also include an open USB port, usable for connecting other USB peripherals which may be useful at the teller (e.g. signature pad), and can be optionally equipped with a smart card read/write module.

The optional modules available with the MFS system can be purchased and installed together with the Vision X or added later as an upgrade. "It was very important for us to retain our commitment to scalable payment solutions with the launch of this new system," adds Pratt. "The modular nature of the MFS allows customers to configure the solution to their unique requirements, and invest in modules only when needed."

The conception and design of the Panini Vision X MFS is based on extensive market research to identify the specific and unique requirements of branch and office automation. End users, financial institutions, and Panini partners directly contributed to the design and development of this breakthrough solution.

"By building the foundation of the MFS on the industry leading Vision X, we're adhering to our development philosophy of minimizing risks associated with distributed check processing, one of the most critical functions performed at the teller," notes Pratt. The MFS relies on, and leverages, the intellectual capital and open software platform of the market-leading Panini Vision X family of scalable check capture solutions, known for superior reliability, field performance and unparalleled installed base.

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