Bank Iowa taps T8 Webware for card personalisation

Source: T8 Webware

T8 Webware, a provider of Web development, management and hosting services for the financial industry, announced today that Bank Iowa Corporation will soon be using the recently introduced Cre8 My Card, its intuitive Web-based application that enables the institution to extend personalized debit card development capabilities to its customers online.

Bank Iowa has seven charters that serve 21 Iowa communities with 24 locations, which combined have more than $1 billion in assets. In the process of looking for a new website and hosting provider to help enhance its online visibility, the bank also recognized that offering a personalized debit card option was a unique, value-added service, so it sought to enable this functionality through the Web. In addition to being a significant marketing opportunity within the local community, allowing its customers to customize their debit cards would contribute to those cards being top of wallet, therefore generating revenue for Bank Iowa while building customer loyalty.

Debbie DeCamp, marketing director for Bank Iowa Corporation, explained, "We are confident in the investment we have made in Cre8 My Card. T8 Webware takes customization to a new level in that customers can do more than just select an image - they can make it personal. Users will have full capability to experiment and create exactly what they like and want, which is key to selling this feature."

T8 Webware's Cre8 My Card will provide Bank Iowa customers with a broad range of options from which to pull personal photos: various social media outlets, their personal computers or the bank's pre-determined image gallery. During the creation process, users are given full-photo manipulation rights to crop, rotate, resize and even adjust saturation of the image to their preference. A preview of the Cre8 My Card design is revealed upon completion, and then will be submitted to Bank Iowa for approval. The institution then forwards the template to its instant issue system for development.

The bank also will leverage Cre8 My Card to promote its new fundraising program for participating local schools. Bank Iowa's "Show Your Spirit" program enables customers to purchase a school-designed card for $5, and in return, the bank then donates $4 back to the appropriate school. Just as Cre8 My Card presents a unique marketing platform to partner with local schools and boosters, it encourages the same for other community groups. In providing images for the online photo gallery, organizations can promote customized payment cards through the financial institution as a fundraiser, whereby they receive a percentage of all purchases made with these cards.

"The significant demand for Cre8 My Card thus far has been unexpected yet exciting, and we are thrilled to have Bank Iowa as an early adopter to share its experience firsthand," explained Wade Arnold, CEO of T8 Webware. "Cre8 My Card gives community institutions another tool to build customer and member relationships through offering a service that enables interaction on a personal level while also establishing another touch point."

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