Voltage launches SecureData for Teradata

Source: Voltage Security

Voltage Security, a global leader in enterprise data protection inside and outside the cloud, today announced the release of Voltage SecureData for the Teradata platform, a standalone package that enables Teradata customers to efficiently comply with PCI DSS requirements-as well as state regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLBA) and others-without adversely affecting storage and database performance.

The new release, part of the Voltage End-to-End Data Protection platform, offers companies an unmatched level of data protection with significant cost savings while ensuring operational efficiency.

"With Voltage's innovative data protection technologies, corporations using Teradata Active Enterprise Data WarehouseTM or any of the Teradata appliances can reduce the risk of a data breach without any impact to critical business intelligence flows across multiple lines of business," said Mark Bower, vice president of product management, Voltage Security. "Voltage SecureData effectively combines data security and compliance with minimal operational impact. For organizations with PCI or other compliance requirements that must rely on data warehouse operations for analytics on credit cards or other sensitive data, this is a major competitive advantage."

Voltage SecureData for the Teradata platform offers significant value in a business environment where many companies that face compliance requirements continue to struggle with the limitations of an effective data protection solution. The new offering enables efficient, high-scale data protection while simultaneously ensuring minimal impact on data warehouse operations, specifically Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations. This is a critical factor for corporations that function with massive data sets and rely on optimal data flow.

Voltage SecureData on Teradata builds on Voltage Security's reputation for delivering solutions that "just work" by leveraging game-changing technology for end-to-end information protection. For example, Voltage Identity-based EncryptionTM (IBE), provides simplified key management and eliminates the types of issues that block the proliferated use of encryption and introduce management and administrative hassles; and Voltage Format-Preserving EncryptionTM (FPE), which does the simple task of maintaining the format and structure of data even when encrypted, thus making it much easier to protect data at the moment of collection and wherever it is accessed and used by applications or stored in databases. Protection follows the data wherever it goes, and, as in this case, extends security beyond the data warehouse.

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