Sybase signs up two to CEP tech

Source: Sybase

Sybase, an SAP company (NYSE: SAP) and industry leader in enterprise and mobile software, today announced significant adoption momentum of Sybase CEP, a complex event processing (CEP) technology for performing analytics on high speed streaming data.

Sybase has been recognised as the proven performance leader in the data-intensive financial services industry-its technology used by the top 25 global banks and 48 of the top 50 global financial and securities institutions. The Sybase CEP solution has recently been adopted by two additional key financial institutions: ClientKnowledge and The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Company Co., Ltd., to enable real-time risk management.

The ability to manage risk in real-time is mission critical, and Sybase CEP provides intelligence on high-speed streaming market and trade data with minimum latency, enabling capital markets firms to analyse data and act on it faster than competitors.

"Being able to gain visibility from multiple trading desks around the world into data streaming from different liquidity venues and deal capture systems is extremely important to our business," said Parham Zolfaghari, product manager of Managed Models at ClientKnowledge, a leading research, analysis and advisory firm. "Sybase CEP connects to high volume and velocity market data streams across the globe and enables our analysts to develop and implement complex models and analytics while facilitating our client banks in managing risk in real time, with measurable positive impact on profitability."

In addition to identifying patterns on streaming data to help traders take immediate action, Sybase CEP also enables risk managers to aggregate trade data across multiple systems and monitor trader activity to calculate risk and P&L in real time. The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Company Co., Ltd. uses Sybase CEP in its foreign branches as the basis for its alerting and FX monitoring models, which it has developed to retrieve and analyse data in real-time and in a more flexible form.

"There was a need for existing information to be calculated and accessed easier in real-time," said Cliff Dowton, Head of IT, Sumitomo Trust, London. "Leveraging the Sybase CEP platform, we firrst implemented the alerting model which immediately notifies our Shanghai users by email if a limit is broken or a deal has been input incorrectly. This way we avoid expensive core system changes to meet the branch's unique new requirements. In addition, we implemented an FX model in London and New York which combines trading data with Reuters market data to provide the front offices with positions and P&L quickly and accurately. The next stage is to make this also available in our market risk system to enable real-time Value at Risk (VaR) calculations."

"The combination of regulations and intensified competitive pressures are key factors constraining capital markets firms, who are increasingly relying on real-time intelligence to ease regulatory pressures and enable sound decision making," said Dr. Raj Nathan, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Sybase. "Sybase is committed to continuing to provide our customers with powerful solutions that combine risk management, compliance and trading solutions specifically tailored to fit their needs."

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