ASC reports UniCredit contract

Source: ASC

ASC, a leading global provider of innovative solutions to record, analyze and evaluate multimedia-based communications, has been selected as a supplier of compliance recording software by UniCredit Group.

Germany: Fulfill demands of German Securities Trading Act

With 780 branches, HypoVereinsbank, the German subsidiary of UniCredit, is one of the largest banks in the country. More than 400 branches have already been equipped with ASC's VoIP recording software, EVOip. As a result, HypoVereinsbank now fulfills new requirements of the Security Trading Act to keep records of all financial trades. Bank employees, who provide advice and execute trades by phone, are protected from liability because all transactions are verified. Recorded calls also provide backup for possible discrepancies between business partners.

All calls of affiliated branches in Germany are recorded and archived centrally in Munich. Relevant calls are easily captured when employees press a designated button on the phone (record on demand). ASC integrated its software solution, EVOip, into the bank's IP communications environment and fulfilled numerous customer requirements, such as playing an announcement to inform external callers when conversation is being recorded.

Italy and Austria: Communications recording to meet increasing compliance requirements

In Italy, UniCredit Group has used ASC's VoIP recording solutions already since 2006. UniCredit Private Bank, specialized in managing large private funds for VIP customers, uses a high reliability recording solution based on ASC`s EVOip software. The solution, closely integrated with UniCredit's IT infrastructure, records calls of more than 2,000 users in 800 branches throughout Italy and centrally archives them at two data centers in Verona and Milan.

The Austrian subsidiary will install EVOip for more than 100 branches throughout the country to meet compliance regulations within the year. Phone calls are being recorded and archived centrally, just as in Germany and Italy.

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