Trusteer and Authentify integrate secure browsing with out-of-band authentication

Source: Trusteer

Trusteer, the leading provider of secure browsing services, and Authentify, the leader in phone based out-of-band authentication, today announced a partnership to provide integrated protection against phishing and malware that combines browser security with real-time phone-based out-of-band authentication.

The integration of Authentify's out-of-band authentication and Trusteer's secure browsing solution will protect online banking sessions against sophisticated attacks that by-pass existing security mechanisms. Authentify has joined the Trusteer Authentication Partner Program as demand for interoperability between authentication and secure browsing has increased significantly among the companies' customers.

The integrated solution will provide multiple layers of protection against phishing and malware attacks. Trusteer's secure browsing service prevents criminals from tampering with website communications and transactions, and protects against man-in-the-browser, man-in-the-middle, and phishing attacks. The Authentify service offers the most practical way to authenticate higher risk online transactions such as large dollar transfers, PIN/Password reset and one time access in the event that a secure browser connection is not available.

Authentify has joined the Trusteer Authentication Partner Program and will integrate the Authentify OOBA service with Trusteer's Secure Browsing Service to provide institutions with the ability to apply different authentication schemes based on the existence or absence of a secure browsing connection, the security posture of the user's endpoint device, and/or the presence of malware infection on the machine.

"The FFIEC guidelines for Internet Banking authentication require enterprises to implement appropriate authentication and protection measures based on an ongoing risk assessment for each customer and transaction," said Yaron Dycian, vice president of products for Trusteer. "The malware threat has evolved significantly since these guidelines were first introduced, which is forcing banks to look for solutions which can apply more granular and integrated levels of authentication and protection for individual web banking sessions and specific transaction requests. The Trusteer/Authentify partnership provides financial instituttinstitutions with a flexible array of tools to address online fraud."

"The nature of malicious attacks against which a bank must protect calls for defense on many fronts," said Peter Tapling, President & CEO of Authentify. "With Trusteer protecting the web session and Authentify providing undeniable contact with the account holder, our customers will be well positioned against a variety of threats."

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