Harland wins CoreFirst Bank enterprise contract

Source: harland Financial Solutions

Harland Financial Solutions today announced that CoreFirst Bank & Trust has selected its PhoenixEFE™ enterprise solution to replace the bank's customized, proprietary system.

CoreFirst Bank & Trust, headquartered in Topeka, Kan. ($1.2B in assets), is known in the industry as an innovator, providing customer convenience and efficiency through technology. It was the first bank in its region to provide 24-hour ATMs, the first with grocery store branches and the first with extended branch hours. Replacing its core technology is necessary in order to maintain its progressive approach, and it is a project that requires significant due diligence.

"We started with a high-end review of 20 different core processing systems. We wanted a solution with current technology that can deliver a real-time environment and a service provider who has experience working with banks of our size," explained Steve Huff, senior vice president and director of information technology for CoreFirst Bank & Trust.

From those original 20 solutions, the bank narrowed its choices down to two providers, ultimately choosing Harland Financial Solutions' PhoenixEFE. PhoenixEFE transcends core processing to provide the institution with a complete, integrated, enterprise-wide solution. "We went through a long due diligence process to make sure we made the best decision for our bank and for our customers," added Huff. "I am confident that we made the right choice with PhoenixEFE."

The bank chose PhoenixEFE for a number of reasons, including its .NET architecture. Integration with the teller system, Microsoft® and SQL reporting were also deciding factors, as was its integration with the bank's loan processing system, LaserPro®, also from Harland Financial Solutions. "With PhoenixEFE, we can consolidate some of our niche products into one fully integrated core," Huff said. "That means we will be able to use our existing knowledge to get data out of the system and effectively access any type of data we need."

Along with PhoenixEFE core processing, CoreFirst Bank & Trust will also benefit from integrated teller, enterprise content management, item processing, deposit origination, financial management, collections, and more.

"CoreFirst Bank & Trust has a long legacy of using technology to increase operational efficiency and give the bank a competitive advantage," said Raju Shivdasani, president of Harland Financial Solutions. "PhoenixEFE has the capacity and integrated features to take CoreFirst into its next era of innovation. We are proud to be a part of its progress."

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