Mastek UK upgrades data migration technology

Source: Mastek UK

Mastek UK, a global technology solutions provider to insurance, public sector and financial service organisations worldwide, today announced the launch of version 7 of its proprietary Data Factory Tool Kit, known as DFTK.

This new release provides up to 40% reduction in cost and timescale for complex data migration programmes, whilst significantly increasing 'right first time' quality measures and minimising transformation errors.

The enhanced DFTK is designed to support organisations facing data migration projects in scenarios including post-merger integration activity, legacy IT system replacement and IT applications consolidation.

The implementation of DFTK version 7 and its data migration methodology will provide users with support at every stage of the data migration process, from initial analysis and design through project build and testing, to implementation and audit.

DFTK version 7 can be rented on a monthly basis for use on individual projects or purchased outright. A flexible range of advisory support options are available from Mastek to maximise the benefits of DFTK in data migration delivery.

Key features of DFTK version 7 include enhancements to the Router application, which controls the end-to-end processing of data from raw files or a database to its target environment.

These Router enhancements include improvements to the graphical display of the data route, support for ultra-large processing routes, new full undo and redo facilities, post-it notes to enhance route documentation and upgraded user control over parallel processing, improving performance tuning when using servers of differing specifications.

Further, DFTK version 7 offers users a newly re-written Mapper application, injecting additional speed and efficiency into the process of recording the data migration requirements and generating the code to perform the transformation. The new Mapper application enables entire data migration projects to be delivered without the need for development resource. A 'code-less' migration environment significantly reduces migration programme timelines, and significantly enhances quality through the process to th the migrated data result.

Auto-generated code also greatly improves productivity, reduces errors in translation from specification to code and ensures optimal performance of the transformation phase of a migration.

The launch follows Mastek's acquisition of the Data Factory Tool Kit from Kognitio in January 2010 and its subsequent integration into its UK business. Mastek UK has already deployed DFTK and its accompanying methodology to successfully migrate over 30,000 live monthly household insurance policies for insurance administrator PlusOne Services. This project was completed within 90 days.

Mastek UK Data Migration Manager Philip Magnall, said: "DFTK version 7 not only offers enhanced user-friendliness, scalability and flexibility, but also the potential to make data migrations up to 40 per cent more efficient in terms of both cost and time.

"All too often, organisations are fearful of the complexity, cost, time and unpredictability associated with data migration projects. We invite our clients to take a fresh perspective and consider the costs of not migrating data at a time when ageing legacy systems pose financial, operational and reputational risks.

"Relying on antiquated systems keeps maintenance costs artificially high for organisations and can stifle product development and innovation. We're offering a highly structured approach based upon methods developed over more than a decade, the credibility of which is enhanced by our track record of successful data migration."

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