ETX Capital launches Facebook trading game

Source: ETX Capital

ETX Capital has launched a fantasy trading game on Facebook enabling over 500 million users worldwide to compete against friends on the world's financial markets.

ETX Capital Trader offers a real time trading experience where users can practice their trading skills with virtual money.

Commenting on the launch, Andrew Edwards, ETX Capital's CEO said: "This is an exciting day for ETX Capital. The trading game is a great way for us to show people all over the world how to play the markets."

"Too many people have been put off trading because of market jargon. The ETX Capital Trader game eliminates these obstacles and presents a fun and competitive environment, so anyone can pit their wits against their friends as well as traders around the globe."

The game offers a simplified interface where traders can compete against friends, graduate through various levels and exchange trading ideas via social networking tools.


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