Bank of Virginia selects VSoft's Enterprise Platform for branch automation

Source: VSoft Corporation

VSoft Corporation, a global information and technology provider of process improvement tools for financial institutions, announced that Bank Services of Virginia, a $2.48 billion bank servicing provider for community banks in Virginia and North Carolina, has chosen to implement VSoft's Enterprise Platform solution for branch automation.

Bank Services of Virginia will add Enterprise Platform to the 11 VSoft products previously installed.

"VSoft's Enterprise Platform solution gives our employees insight into our customers' needs and creates smarter cross-selling capabilities," said Worth Carter, chairman of the board and president, Bank Services of Virginia. "This, in turn, strengthens our customer service and increases the return on our investment."

The Enterprise Platform solution integrates seamlessly with bank retail applications and provides touch points to existing account and history information. Enterprise Platform supports online interfacing to retail applications and navigates between the application and mainframe products. It streamlines automated processes, such as inquiries, maintenance, and account setup or closing. Its navigation tools bring up other mainframe applications to research items, returning to the original exit point on the system.

"When it comes to managing enterprise wide data systems, Enterprise Platform maximises the performance of the bank's current systems," said Murthy Veeraghanta, president, VSoft Corporation. "The result is a deep understanding of the customer's needs that translates into improved products and services. Knowing what the customer needs before the customer does, keeps Bank Services one step ahead of the competition."

Using VSoft's Enterprise Platform, Bank Services can easily research images at the desktop. Enterprise Platform allows employees to pull up an image while the customer waits as opposed to spending days researching items.

"VSoft's associates, technical knowledge, and product features surpassed those of any other vendor we were considering," said Carter. "Enterprise Platform allows us to push statements, check images, deposit/withdrawal slip images, and payment history out to the desktop, providing our customers with faster and more efficient service."

Bank Services also uses VSoft's Fraud In-Check product to combat cheque fraud. Before this implementation, Bank Services manually viewed each item to detect fraud. With Fraud In-Check, items run through the MICR reader and fraudulent items are automatically identified, saving valuable time and money.

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