Shazam and CardinalCommerce form PIN debit service partnership

Source: CardinalCommerce

Shazam and CardinalCommerce are pleased to announce that secure PIN Debit transactions on the Internet will be available to Shazam's issuers and their customers.

SHAZAM is the first debit network participating in the Universal PIN Debit Service (UPDSTM), enabled by Cardinal. SHAZAM is one of a select group of partners and clients that will participate in the first phase of the UPDS.

SHAZAM has long recognized the value of extending the secure PIN Debit payment method into the online channel and now the mobile channel. The ability to offer PIN Debit online is an important service for financial institutions and their customers. PIN debit, as implemented in UPDS, reduces the risk of fraud to Issuers, customers, and merchants, while greatly reducing the probability of identity theft.

Debit is one of the fastest growing payment types in the United States and many consumers who prefer using PIN Debit at their favorite merchants will prefer using it online because it is a more secure form of payment.

Enabling internet and mobile commerce PIN Debit transactions has proven to be an elusive goal. For at least a decade, large merchants and the Debit Networks have defined enabling online PIN Debit transactions as a goal, but had not found a way to make it happen. The Universal PIN Debit Service from Cardinal is an appealing offering because of Cardinal's presence at thousands of eCommerce merchants.

The very differences between a credit and PIN Debit transaction, which make PIN Debit transactions appealing, have, until UPDS, made PIN Debit transactions on the Internet difficult to support. Managing the differences between a "traditional" Internet transaction and a PIN Debit transaction has been a significant inhibitor to the deployment of PIN Debit on the Internet in the past.

SHAZAM is partnering with Cardinal to enable secure PIN Debit transactions for eCommerce. SHAZAM is a well-established financial institution-owned debit network in the central U.S. and Cardinal is the worldwide leading enabler of payment brands. Cardinal is leveraging the Cardinal Centinel Universal Merchant Platform to enable the online PIN Debit payment option and SHAZAM will make the service available to its 1,500 member financial institutions.

Cardinal provides an integrated service that does not disrupt fulfillment or customer service systems. The Universal PIN Debit Service will be deployed in a manner that makes it easy to participate and that will encourage participation by key stakeholders, using the proven and familiar 'plug and play' Centinel model. Centinel is used by thousands of Internet and mobile commerce merchants to enable secure payments; UPDS adds one more secure payment option, PIN Debit.

"SHAZAM is focused on enabling Internet PIN Debit for our financial institutions with partners like CardinalCommerce," said Michael Hollinger, SHAZAM President and CEO. "Cardinal's approach to Internet PIN Debit's evolution in the marketplace is unique and increases the velocity of Internet PIN acceptance by providing a framework to easily enable new entrants into the marketplace. Our focus is centered on how our member financial institutions can use Internet PIN Debit, without sacrificing security or functionality, for all of their cardholders. Cardinal's Centinel Universal Merchant Platform will be an integral part of our Internet PIN debit strategy and product offerings."

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