VeriFone installs payment systems in Atlanta Checker Cab taxis

Source: VeriFone

VeriFone Systems (NYSE:PAY), announced today that is has begun installing passenger-activated payment and multimedia information systems in Atlanta Checker Cab taxis.

Checker Cab, one of the larger Atlanta taxi operators with 200 vehicles, is first in the market to implement an integrated payment and information system. The initial installations began Friday and will continue over the next 60-90 days. Passengers in equipped taxis will immediately be able to swipe their own cards, rather than handing them over to drivers.

"Atlanta Checker Cabs was one of the first taxi companies to embrace credit card payments over 30 years ago, and now we're first in the area to put the complete payment process in the hands of passengers," said Checker Cab President Rick Hewatt. "In addition, we'll be providing streaming digital media to entertain and inform passengers."

When the Checker Cab system is fully implemented, passengers will be able to access streaming media including nationally syndicated news and entertainment, as well as local metropolitan information and advertising. VeriFone's MX 870 merges full-motion video, a 65,000-color display, high quality digital sound and highly secure payments capabilities into a single, easy-to-use system.

"Rick Hewatt and Checker Cab have an exemplary record for innovation in taxis and we're pleased to be able to work with him to bring these new capabilities to the residents of Atlanta and visitors," said VeriFone Executive Vice President Bud Waller. "We're also providing advertisers with a unique ability to deliver dynamic and interactive campaigns with desirable and measurable efficiencies."

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