BlueOrchard selects eFront FrontInvest Alternatives

Source: eFront

EFront, the leading software solutions provider for the financial industry, today announced that BlueOrchard has selected eFront's FrontInvest Alternatives to support its microfinance investment operations.

FrontInvest Alternatives is the global forerunner in alternative asset management platforms.

Headquartered in Geneva with offices in New York City (USA), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia), BlueOrchard is a leading commercial microfinance investment manager providing credit to microfinance institutions (MFIs) through BlueOrchard Finance S.A., and investing in the equity of MFIs and network funds through BlueOrchard Investments Sàrl. Managing assets of over $1 billion with investments in more than 40 countries, the company develops and manages innovative and attractive financial products and services that invest in MFIs to support millions of promising small enterprises in low-income regions worldwide. At the same time, BlueOrchard's investment products generate profitable returns for their investors.

With a strong expansion in size and scope and celebrating its 10 year anniversary next year, BlueOrchard needed to evolve with the advancing microfinance environment while maintaining professional excellence. Rethinking and securing its current leading position also influenced its decision to implement an integrated and complete solution for its global team. With the objective of building lasting relationships with the provider and implementing an innovative solution, BlueOrchard started a rigorous selection process, looking at 8 different software providers.

BlueOrchard selected FrontInvest Alternatives as it proved to be the only Web-based solution to offer integrated and flexible front-to-back functionality, a Web portal, extensive and sophisticated loan management capabilities, as well as a user-friendly Web 2.0 interface. Back-office and front-office users will be located in Geneva (HQ) and 200 MFIs will also have access to the application from all around the world. In Geneva, users will benefit from CRM and document management, deal-flow capabilities, portfolio management, fund and invesstor management, FrontLoan, and FrontReport.

"eFront's Web-based solution will allow the organization to grow while keeping best practices that facilitate a healthy development," said Jean-Pierre Klumpp, Chief Executive Officer at BlueOrchard Finance S.A.. "As a major microfinance investment specialist, BlueOrchard needed to anticipate the coming years to stay ahead, improve processes, and pursue the performance and innovation values of the company."

"We are very proud to welcome BlueOrchard as a new client," said Laurent Bréboin, Chief Operating Officer at eFront. "BlueOrchard's primary goal is to help the world's most underprivileged people engage in income generating activities, favoring socio-economic inclusion and contributing to sustainable global economic development. We do think microfinance is a very interesting and promising investment type and we are happy to bring added value to a new area for eFront. We have invested heavily to support sophisticated assets including loans, and today eFront is partnering with many companies managing complex asset structures."

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