Black River implements SunGard Monis Analyzer

Source: SunGard

Black River Asset Management (Black River), a global asset management company providing institutional investors with alternative investment opportunities, has implemented SunGard's Monis Analyzer, a front-office solution for convertible bond trading.

Black River will use the solution for trading, hedging and risk management of cross-asset class portfolios which have a strong focus on convertible bonds.

Deploying a wide range of strategies to develop multiple perspectives on investment opportunities, Black River extended its relationship with SunGard by selecting Monis Analyzer for its scalable architecture and sophistication in managing and calculating large and complex multiple-asset class positions in real-time. Through a distributed calculation of static security information and positions, Monis Analyzer will help provide Black River with higher levels of performance for multiple users, enhance the firm's ability to share portfolio information quicker and easier and provide greater transparency across its business.

The analytics provided by Monis, and coverage of a wide range of instruments needed to hedge and leverage convertible positions, will help Black River manage its convertible portfolios accurately and efficiently. Black River will also continue to use Monis' comprehensive convertible bond search functionality to help identify trading opportunities in real-time by setting up watch lists that search for the exact combination of required terms and conditions.

William Schatten of Black River said, "Our convertible portfolios not only encompass a wide array of assets, but also execute large and complex investment strategies. We chose Monis Analyzer for its scalability in helping us calculate and analyze our risk exposure across the full gamut of our portfolio on an intra-day basis. Monis will also help improve performance for multiple users and our ability to efficiently share information across our business."

Gavin Lee, chief operating officer of SunGard's Monis business unit, said, "Managing cross-asset class portfolios requires constant monitoring of many aspects of the portfolio. Black River required a system that could accurately analyze the hybrid risk exposures of convertible securities and cross-asset class positions in real-time. Monis Analyzer helps asset managers to quickly trade, monitor and report on their positions, in all their complexity and variety."

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