SuperDerivatives unveils multi-asset front office system

Source: SuperDerivatives

SuperDerivatives (SD), the derivatives benchmark, will switch across to SDX, its revolutionary world-class multi-asset front office system on 10/10/10.

After two years of intensive collaborative development, SDX is the next generation in front office systems, bringing advanced functionality and greater flexibility to dramatically improve its clients' productivity in vanilla products, exotics and complex structures. SDX will deliver best in class tools to manage interest rates, currencies, equities, commodities, energy and credit instruments.

"SDX brings to a peak a decade of know-how and innovation in front office solutions. Ten years ago SD brought transparency to the world of option pricing. Seven years ago it delivered the concept of front office to sales desks.

"Five years ago SD developed the most comprehensive multi-asset pricing system. Now, a decade on from the company's inception, SD is raising the bar once more with the ultimate front office system that will change the way institutions manage derivatives," says SD's CEO, David Gershon.

SDX sets the standard in user friendliness; the new Sales, Trader and Structuring desktops put specialist tools at the user's fingertips.

SDX combines intuitive, user friendly functionality and data entry. Enhancements include complete interaction with Excel spreadsheets, powerful wrapper functionality for structures and a very flexible options/deposit/swap/bond structure generator, the ability to quickly view historical simulation of every trade idea prior to execution, advanced client relationship management (CRM) functionality, an online quoting and execution vehicle, multi-asset report generators and customised workflow automation.

SDX will deliver a revolution in system transparency. Users will have the flexibility to directly upload their own pricing models, including the release of popular pricing models with their source code.

SDX will begin the introduction of SD's mobility strategy, which will see SDX and a range of new applications made available over mobile technology.

Thee system has been tuned to maximise the user's experience on mobile devices such as the iPad, allowing the web-based service to be accessed from any location at any time.

"Whether you are a sales person, a trader or a risk manager and whether you trade vanilla products, exotics or complex structures, SDX will significantly enhance your productivity, broaden your derivatives usage and enable you to exceed your targets," continues Gershon.

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