Yodlee launches customisable financial platform

Source: Yodlee

Yodlee, the leading provider of online personal financial management (PFM) and integrated payments solutions, today announced the public launch of Yodlee 10, the first patented, customizable financial platform.

Yodlee combines PFM, payments, and the Yodlee FinApp Store, a new financial applications marketplace, to create the first complete, personalized and actionable online/mobile money management experience for every consumer.

"In developing Yodlee 10, it became very clear to us that consumers want and expect more from their online and mobile banking experiences. Consumers want to create their own, personalized experience, not one dictated to them by their financial institution," said Peter Hazlehurst, Chief Product Officer at Yodlee. "Our new platform is a fully personalized banking, PFM, and payments platform, delivering unprecedented flexibility and utility for consumers and financial providers alike."

Using Yodlee 10, consumers have limitless possibilities to build and control their own money management experience, from customizing the "dashboard" to highlighting the information most important to them, to acquiring specialized applications that meet specific needs, such as saving for a goal, getting advice, investing, automated tax filing, and more. Yodlee FinAppsTM leverage PFM data and are able to run both within the online banking experience as well as on social platforms such as FacebookTM, iGoogleTM, Windows LiveTM, and Yahoo!.

For financial services providers, Yodlee 10 is a new way to reach customers, enhance the online money management experience, and remove the barriers of separate, silo'd financial activities and systems, creating a consolidated, personalized, and actionable financial management experience. Yodlee 10 extends personal financial management to full payments and money movement, opening up a wealth of new interactions that generate more profitable and satisfied consumers; all in a modular, SaaS based deployment model, where consumers and financial services providers can pick and choose available functionality on demand.

Yodlee 10 Capabilities Include:

* PFM & Payments Integration - makes online banking complete, meaningful, actionable
* Yodlee FinApp Store - the first marketplace dedicated to financial applications, with 200+ developers already putting their creativity to work
* Personalized User Experience - highlights current and future actions proactively
* Flexible, Component-Based Platform - SaaS model and flexible architecture make deployment and customization quick and easy
* Mobile & Social Media Extensibility - meet the growing demands of today's connected consumers
* Open Platform - gives developers, large and small, simple, secure access to rich data for rapid innovation and distribution

The Yodlee FinApp Store, a key component of the Yodlee 10 platform, is an online marketplace specifically designed for individuals looking to leverage custom money management applications to improve their online banking experience. Financial institutions using Yodlee-powered technology can create their own customized "FinApp Stores" and can build applications specific to the needs of their customer segments. The open platform brings together Yodlee developers and third party developers to creatively engineer the FinApps people want and need to manage their money.

Yodlee FinApps must pass a comprehensive certification process that verifies the FinApp does what it says it will do, complies with Yodlee's rigorous security policies, and meets performance requirements. In addition to the Yodlee certification process, consumers and financial services providers rate applications, providing comments, opinions, and feedback directly to developers.

The developer community is expanding rapidly with over 200 registered developers and multiple Yodlee FinApps under development or pending certification.

Already powering services for more than 85% of all online PFM users - Yodlee is continuing its innovation and mission to help financial services providers and portals create a more personalized and relevant online and mobile experience for every customer, deepening those relationships and ultimately driving greater lifetime customer value.

Yodlee 10 is available now on moneycenter.yodlee.com and is available to all Yodlee customers in both fully hosted (ASP) and Software Development Kit (SDK) deployment models. For more information about Yodlee and Yodlee 10, visit www.yodlee.com. To join the 200+ Yodlee FinApp developers already creating new Apps visit finappstore.com.

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