Athens Exchange rolls out market data feed products

Source: Athens Exchange

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX), following the September 30th, 2010 decision of the Board of Directors (BoD), announces new ATHEX Market Data Feed products and services, effective from Monday, January 3rd, 2011.

The main objective of the above decision is to enable the ATHEX market data feed customers to offer new information products / services and finally redistribute the ATHEX Data Feed information to more end users/investors.

Specifically, the following have been decided:
?. Launching of new ATHEX Data Feed products & services:

1. Information Product «BBO10 - Level 3», which includes the 10 Best Bid - Offer (?BO) prices and volumes of the ATHEX and CSE Securities Markets. The new product's monthly variable fee will be 19 Euro per device / subscriber (for Professional or Non Professional subscribers).
2. Information Product "Mifid Post Trade", which aims to provide in a very competitive price scheme the MiFiD required Post Trade Transparency information for the ATHEX securities market, including the OTC information provided by the ATHEX PTTS service. The new product offers the following information content:
* For all instruments traded in the ATHEX Securities Market or in any Multilateral Trading Facility operated by the ATHEX (such as Stocks, Bonds, ETFs, ATHEX Alternative Market Securities, etc.):
o Last trade (traded prices and quantities),
o Closing price, and
o Daily Cumulative quantities.
* The OTC information (traded prices and quantities) provided by the ATHEX PTTS service.

3. The new product's monthly variable fee per device/subscriber will be 4 Euro for Professional subscribers and 0.60 Euro for Non Professional subscribers.
4. Information Product «ATHEX Indices» (index price and price change for ATHEX indices), in order to enable the ATHEX Data Vendors to redistribute only the ATHEX Indices information at the competitive monthly price of 1 Euro per device/subscriber.
5. Product «Corporate Announcements Feed» that enables the transmission through the Data Feed of the "News Feed" information currently available through the ATHEX's official Internet Web site ( ). The new product will be initially available free of charge to the Data Vendors and it will be technically transmitted via the current Data Feed Transmission Systems (FIC-IOCP "relaxed channel").

B. Changes to the terms and conditions of current ATHEX Data Feed products and services:

1. Abolishment of ATHEX current charges for the redistribution of (15 minutes) delayed information (BBO1 - Level 1) to Devices/Subscribers. Through this change, any redistribution of (15 minutes) ATHEX delayed information by the Data Vendors will be totally free of exchange fees.
2. Content enrichment of the existing «Full Order Depth - FOD» information product for the ATHEX Securities Market, so that upon launching of the new «BBO10 - Level 3» information product for the ATHEX and CSE Securities Market, to include the ?BO10 information of the ATHEX Securities Market, replacing the currently offered BBO5 information. The pricing policy for the enriched ATHEX FOD information product remains unchanged.

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