Santander offers UK online customers Trusteer secure browsing service

Source: Trusteer

Trusteer, the leading provider of secure browsing services, announced today that Santander one of the UK's largest banks will offer all its online retail banking customers the Rapport complimentary web browser security service from Trusteer.

Trusteer prevents online fraud by protecting web communication against financial malware and phishing attacks.

"The rollout of Trusteer's secure browsing service to the UK retail banking customers of Santander is one of the largest free offers of online banking security by a UK bank," said Mick Paisley, Head of Information Security and Business Resilience for Santander. "I strongly encourage customers download the Trusteer software from the Santander website and use it to make sure that their online banking session is more secure."

"We are seeing the level of attacks by cybercriminals broadly increasing both in terms of volume and sophistication. Taking precautions can have a disproportional protective effect, customers don't have to do much to significantly increase their levels of protection, and Trusteer is one of those things which provide a significant benefit with minimal effort," he said.

Rapport from Trusteer has been rolled out to a large number of customers at Alliance and Leicester, and it has been very successful in protecting online banking. This is the main reason we're now expanding the service to all Santander customers in the UK. Having desktop antivirus or antispyware is not enough and you should still download Trusteer to protect your online banking communication. Trusteer works directly with leading banks in the UK and around the world to identify targeted online banking attacks, block them, and remove them from your computer. The unique technology and the incorporation of knowledge gathered directly from the banks is what makes this solution so effective in preventing fraud.

"The Trusteer network includes more than 70 banks and covers more than 12 million customers," said Mickey Boodaei, CEO of Trusteer. "Santander's contribution to this network is extremely valuable due to its vast experience in fighting online fraud and protecting millions of customers. While most users have desktop protection of some sort, they still don't have good protection against online banking threats. These threats are highly targeted and highly sophisticated and fly under the radar of traditional desktop security solutions. Trusteer is entirely focused on working with the banks to identify and eliminate these threats through an array of services."

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