Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange taps Trayport for trading system

Source: Trayport

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX) today announced that the financial services industry of the Netherlands Antilles will soon benefit from DCSX's fully integrated trading system.

DCSX will launch its trading platform in November this year. The trading system provides a multi-asset class electronic trading and order matching software for brokers, exchanges and traders.

Financial institutions including Banco di Caribe, Amicorp, SFT Bank, BNH Financial Services and Maduro & Curiel's Bank have been authorized by DCSX as brokers. These brokers are presently connected to the DCSX trading platform and will be ready to serve their clients once trading commences.

"Our trading platform will enable us to foster our growth as a securities exchange in the region. The local financial industry can now offer its services to both local as well as international issuers of corporate and government-owned bonds, funds and equities. This will further enhance our jurisdiction and strengthen the local financial sector," said Luis Santine, CEO of DCSX.

Trayport's Exchange Systems provides DCSX with its GlobalVision Electronic Trading System, which is a fully integrated trading platform allowing it to develop markets in debt and equity securities.

Santine said, "Trayport has industry leading expertise and sets the standard for transparent, reliable and highly compatible multi-participant market access. It has supplied systems to various exchanges around the world including NZX, Barbados, Bayerische Bourse and the Jakarta Futures Exchange".

DCSX is currently evaluating several applications for fund listings and expects to receive additional local and international fund- and equity listings in the next couple of months. "We have recently approved a number of new Listing Advisers (LAD's), bringing the number to 13," says Santine.

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