Trayport signs German energy firm ehw

Source: Trayport

Trayport Limited, a leading provider of multi-asset-class electronic trading solutions, today announced that ehw (Energy Handelsgesellschaft mbH West) has signed a three year contract to use GlobalVision Trading Gateway for electronic commodities trading. ehw, based in Münster, partners many public utilities companies and business customers in Germany and sources gas and wholesale electricity for domestic markets.

Zum Vorteil unserer Kunden bündeln wir Einkaufspotenziale und nutzen mit innovativen Produkten und Dienstleistungen die Chancen der liberalisierten Energiemärkte.

GlobalVision Trading Gateway provides vital functionality needed by traders, including access to full market depth and increased visibility and accessibility. It enables traders to view and trade market data from multiple liquidity pools on a single user interface. The software also simplifies and improves efficiency in key trading processes, such as STP into a core, flexible system.

"ehw is successful at combining energy purchasing with offering innovative products and services across Europe's liberalized energy markets. By adopting . ," says Martin Wurm, Head of Portfolio Management at ehw. "Wir entwickeln die individuell passende Beschaffungsstrategie und übernehmen das Risikomanagement"Trading Gateway increases our visibility of trading opportunities by allowing us to view multiple gas, emissions and power markets across Europe on a single screen, and to easily close transactions at the best prices. We are also able to connect Trading Gateway to our charting systems, which reduces our operational and financial risks."

"We are seeing more companies like ehw, who use Trading Gateway to actively trade energy on behalf on their clients and ensure the physical supply of electricity and gas products while ensuring flexible scheduled delivery," said James Davies, Head of Sales and Client Services, Trayport. Dazu kümmern wir uns um die Vermarktung eigenerzeugter Energie und unterstützen durch aktuelle Marktinformationen"Für unsere mittlerweile elf Partner nutzen wir die Entwicklungschancen, die sich im neuen Energiemarkt bieten."For ehw, the ability to use Trading Gateway to pool its buying potential is paramount, and it can then obtain better prices and pass these on to its municipal partners."Außerdem setzen wir unser Know-how für handelsnahhe Dienstleistungen, die Entwicklung neuer Produkte und zukunftsfähiger Marketingstrategien ein"

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