SunGard launches Asset Arena Investment Book

Source: SunGard

SunGard today launched Asset Arena Investment Book, a new module of Asset Arena Investment Accounting designed to provide asset managers and servicers with simultaneous back- and middle-office views of investment portfolios.

Asset Arena Investment Book helps eliminate the complexity and redundancy of maintaining separate systems to report fund valuations from different perspectives. Relying on a single set of records, Asset Arena Investment Book creates the alternative views of accounting data which customers can use to support internal and external reporting requirements.
Without this capability, asset managers and servicers have typically had to cope with multiple sets of records, often housed on separate platforms. Asset Arena Investment Book has been developed with a global asset servicer to address the issues arising from this scenario. Incorporating this functionality within Asset Arena Investment Accounting helps ensure that the flow of data between a customer's back- and middle-office functions is automated and seamless.
Each investment accounting view is fully supported by the general ledger and provides the customer with a comprehensive and accurate view of portfolio values, cash flows and accounts according to the associated time-based rules. This flexibility can be used to accommodate diverse customer business needs in areas such as end-of-day / start-of-day books, performance measurement and period end ("as of") reporting.
Doug Morgan, president of SunGard's institutional asset management business, commented: "We believe that Asset Arena Investment Book represents a unique solution in an area that has traditionally employed expensive, redundant processes. The enhanced capabilities of Asset Arena Investment Accounting allow for the deployment of a global model with valuations occurring throughout the day to support middle-office functions and culminating in the official Net Asset Value calculation. Using one solution, our customers can represent each portfolio according to specific governing rules, support the official books and records of a fund, and give the investment manager real-time visibility into the portfolio."

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