CashEdge unveils Popmoney for small business

Source: CashEdge

CashEdge, the leading provider of Intelligent Money Movement services, announced today the launch of Popmoney for Small Business, the first electronic invoice and payment solution designed specifically for small business customers of financial institutions.

Popmoney for Small Business provides businesses with the unique capability to pay vendors and employees electronically using only an email or mobile number. They may also pay using an account number.

Popmoney for Small Business will also allow small businesses to conduct invoicing, receive payments via ACH or credit card, make and track payments, send invoice reminders and view payment history - all directly from their bank's online banking portal or mobile application through the market-leading Popmoney platform.

San Francisco-based Bank of the West, one of the first in the nation to launch CashEdge's consumer Popmoney service in 2010, will launch its small business invoicing and payment service in the first half of 2011, making it one of the first banks in the nation using CashEdge's Popmoney for Small Business.

"Business owners want financial tools that are simple to use and that make running their businesses easier. The invoicing and payment solution we are implementing will do just that," said Matt Macomber, Bank of the West's Multi-Channel Banking Manager. "We have had wide adoption among our retail customers since deploying Popmoney last spring. We're excited that soon the same convenient service will be available to our small business customers. We're confident that by launching this service we will continue to provide the most innovative and valuable services to all of our customers."

Several additional financial institutions have plans to launch Popmoney for Small Business in the next six months. This swift adoption follows the success of Popmoney for consumers, which launched in December 2009, and will be live at more than 175 banks, including three top 10 banks, by the end of the 4th quarter.

"We believe it's all about the network," said Catherine Palmieri, Global Head of Product and Marketing at CashEdge. "Our Popmoney consumer offering has been a tremendous success; with Popmoney for Small Business, businessess can send payments and invoices via email and mobile, and get paid faster electronically. For banks, the advantage is that money moves seamlessly between their consumer and small business customers - providing greater engagement and loyalty on both sides. We've worked very hard to make the interface extremely easy to use, and we believe that will drive greater adoption on both sides."

Popmoney for Small Business will provide the following features and benefits to small businesses:

Popmoney Payments

* Payables and receivables dashboards - Comprehensive dashboards displaying all outgoing payments, invoices paid and outstanding, history and the ability to export to Excel
* Send and receive electronic payments - 100% electronic payments solution including email and mobile payments option
* Email remittance - Customized HTML emails along with payments inclusive of logo and key payment information
* Multiple payment options - One time payments, multiple batch payments, future dated payments, recurring payment plans

Popmoney Invoicing

* Send professional electronic invoices - Create and send customized, professional invoices to individuals or distribution lists, with product/service inventory, business logo, taxes, shipping, etc.
* Manage payment terms and penalties - Define payment terms and early payment discounts, assess late payment penalties, send payment reminders

Other Features

* Entitlements - Enable employees access to the application with restricted permissions
* Risk management - Leverages CashEdge industry leading account verification and risk monitoring services

Popmoney for Small Business leverages the proven reliability, security and strength of CashEdge's money movement platform, which in 2009 processed nearly $50 billion in funds transfers for bank customers. For current CashEdge clients, Popmoney for Small Business is a simple upgrade of their existing Small Business invoicing and payments service.

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