BranchConnect selects VSoft for teller capture

Source: VSoft

VSoft Corporation, an information and technology provider of process improvement solutions, and Knoxville, Tenn.-based BranchConnect Financial Systems, a provider of a comprehensive Windows online teller automation solution, announced a partnership to help financial institutions better implement and improve automation at the teller workstation.

Through the strategic alliance, BranchConnect's teller automation platform, Teller Suite, seamlessly integrates with VSoft's Teller Item Capture solution to increase productivity and flexibility of teller workflow while also providing branch customers with a better overall experience. Teller Suite enables tellers to leverage VSoft's solution to capture, correct and balance transactions at the teller line, while improving attention and interaction with the customer.

"VSoft's mission aligns with our company's commitment to delivering reliable, high-performance software; we both measure success by our customers' success," said Randy Neal, president of BranchConnect. "VSoft's teller capture is proven among financial institutions of all sizes, its compatibility with our technology and application workflow, and its ability to deliver fast, efficient results made it the ideal choice to enhance Teller Suite."

BranchConnect and VSoft each offer proven technologies built to help financial institutions operate efficiently through the effective use of automation. The partnership expands the capabilities of BranchConnect's teller suite and presents great cost and time savings to financial institutions. The partnership further benefits banks by streamlining the process of managing transactions at the teller line, immediately identifying errors and creating a fast, hassle-free banking experience for customers and members.

"Imaging is becoming an important part of many teller stations, as employees, managers and customers all experience the added efficiency," said Murthy Veeraghanta, chairman and managing director of VSoft Corporation. "By partnering with BranchConnect, we can continue to provide cost effective, comprehensive automation solutions that let banks operate resourcefully and greatly improve the ease and convenience of banking."

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