HedgeOp partners Yodlee on personal trading compliance tools

Source: HedgeOp Compliance

HedgeOp Compliance, LLC, the leading provider of specialized compliance software and consulting services for investment advisers, today announced that it has upgraded its ELF Platform (Employee Level Filing) with electronic linkages to over 2,800 different brokerage institutions using patented, state-of-the-art technology created by Yodlee, the leading provider of online personal financial management (PFM) and revenue-generating payments solutions and services.

The ELF v.2.0 "Code of Ethics Platform," contains a streamlined compliance workflow designed by the compliance professionals at HedgeOp and a new user interface created to increase user functionality while simplifying the process for employees through automation. The version 2.0 release of the ELF Platform is part of HedgeOp's larger ComplianceTrak application, but will now be available on a stand-alone basis.

Integration with ELF is the first time that Yodlee technology is being utilized in the personal trading compliance space, offering a unique and streamlined approach. More than 200 leading financial institutions and portals today offer Yodlee-powered PFM and payments solutions used by over 25 million consumers worldwide for secure and proactive online money management.

"ELF version 2.0 will change the way that advisers look at personal trading compliance," said William Mulligan, Managing Partner and CEO of HedgeOp Compliance. "The seamless connections to over 2,800 brokers offers the most connectivity in the industry and enables employees to quickly and securely link their brokerage accounts for seamless compliance reporting, eliminating a 3-4 week lag in data from traditional broker feeds and management of paper statements."

"Our unique and patented data platform is powering a myriad of innovative solutions like HedgeOp Compliance's ELF -- all designed to solve real problems in compelling and efficient new ways," said Joe Polverari, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Yodlee. "We're pleased to see our Platform at work helping consumers and businesses meet increasing market, financial, and regulatory challenges, such as trading compliance."

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