BTS Group signs Skr1.2 million deal

Source: BTS Group

BTS Group AB (publ.), the global leader in accelerating strategic alignment and execution is proud to announce that it has signed an agreement with one of the largest financial institutions in the world. The initial set up phase of the agreement is valued at SEK 1.2 million.

"We are proud that one of the world's leading financial institutions has trusted BTS with such an important and wide-reaching initiative," says Henrik Ekelund, President and CEO of BTS Group AB. "front-line leadership is a core value to our client. The clients choice to partner with BTS was based on BTS's proven ability to help large organizations effectively execute strategy, we understand our clients commitment to leadership and our client understands BTS's commitment to delivering business results".
The objective of the initiative is to develop the company's 1,200 frontline leaders. The main objective is to expand their understanding and skills related to front-line leadership effectiveness, and the role leadership plays in impacting the company's performance and results. The program will be rolled out to 500 mid-level leaders in its initial deployment commencing in 2011 and then to 700 frontline leaders. The integrated Front Line Leadership program which will cover all regions in the company's North American footprint.
This highly innovative and carefully conceived program spans two to six months per leader and provides a wide range of components, including initial assessments, online communities, online coursework, and immersive scenario and business simulations. The program incorporates BTS' Advantage Way(TM) process, which engages senior leaders in a way that creates a strong "line of sight" from each learner to their organization's goals and strategic priorities. The BTS methodology begins with impact mapping, which closely aligns the learning initiative to corporate goals and works backwards to determine the critical behaviours and skills required by employees. The process culminates with built-in mechanisms that capture outcomes, ROI and anecdotal success cases for replication across the firm.

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