Daiwa taps GigaSpaces for e-trading overhaul

Source: GigaSpace

GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) has been chosen by Daiwa Capital Markets, a leading Asian investment bank, to power its Electronic Trading Infrastructure for use in the Asia Pacific region.

Daiwa selected XAP because it not only delivers end-to-end transactions in less than five milliseconds, but it also provides a powerful, flexible infrastructure solution.

"We considered many points when evaluating different technologies as a core for our infrastructure," says Del Abdullah, Head of Electronic Trading Technology at Daiwa. "Upon reviewing the proof of concept, we saw that XAP would get us up and running quickly, while meeting and exceeding our long-term operational requirements in the electronic trading space."

Financial services companies who use XAP as the platform for their applications receive guaranteed stability and agility with automatic, dynamic scalability while dramatically reducing infrastructure and operational costs. XAP drastically reduces latency, allows for massive scaling and throughput, and provides failure protection and high availability. Always-on performance makes it certain that Daiwa's new system will never lose a transaction.

"GigaSpaces has a long, solid history of supporting financial services companies in their quest to maximize transactional performance," says Adi Paz, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at GigaSpaces. "As financial services transactions get more complex, maintaining the simplicity of the underlying infrastructure is critical. XAP will allow Daiwa to manage both the trading speed and volume while ensuring underlying system operations run smoothly."

XAP will serve as the underlying infrastructure to connect all facets of Daiwa's transactional system. XAP's use of open frameworks and standards will enable Daiwa to quickly implement its transactional system on top of XAP with minimal vendor lock in, achieving unparalleled scalability, reliability, and performance.

XAP's ability to leverage multicore processors further ensures the ability to manage and process large amounts of data while simultaneously speeding throughput. When the current project is complete, Daiwa willl look at porting additional infrastructure on top of XAP, such as trade costs analytics.

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