Bridge Community Bank partners Aptys for Nacha deposited cheque truncation pilot

Source: Aptys Solutions

Bridge Community Bank signed on with Aptys Solutions, a payments network provider for financial institutions nationwide, to use the company's PayLOGIX system, the industry's only common platform to support all aspects of payment processing, including image exchange, ACH processing, wire processing, payments archive, Federal Reserve messages, least cost routing, in-network exchange (INEX) payment processing and mobile payments.

The image exchange, ACH, and least cost routing components of PayLOGIX will enable Mechanicsville, Iowa-based Bridge Community Bank to participate in the NACHA-initiated Deposited Check Truncation (DCT) Pilot launching in August. The DCT Pilot will facilitate the truncation of low-value consumer checks between financial institutions. The DCT Pilot ultimately will identify and quantify cost savings for both originating and receiving financial institutions, as well as the ability of the ACH Network infrastructure to support these truncated items.

Bob Steen, chairman of Bridge Community Bank and a NACHA board member, quickly recognized the potential efficiencies of truncating checks at the bank level versus the merchant level, as well as the cost savings that would allow community banks like his to remain competitive. "With Aptys as a partner, our bank will be an early adopter," said Steen. "The flexibility that Aptys provides was key in allowing us to make independent decisions about what pieces of technology we need today and will need moving forward. The reality of banking today is that we have to find a way to run our payments system in a cost-effective way. Working with Aptys, we're one step closer."

"As the payments industry continues to evolve, the technology that financial institutions rely on must be able to support and respond to that evolution," said Sean Pennock, president of Aptys Solutions. "By introducing greater efficiency through a single, common infrastructure, financial institutions can more quickly bring enhanced services to market while simultaneously enhancing customer service levels, and that is exactly what Bridge Community Bank is positioning itself to do."

Aptys Solutions streamlines payment systems, allowing financial institutions to make informed decisions through the payment analytics module and eliminating the need for multiple vendors, which is both cost-prohibitive and labor intensive. Aptys Solutions assists financial institutions in growing revenues and attracting new customers by offering an independent, browser-based system and presenting new products and services to existing customers all while reducing costs.

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