Brady reports Selco contract

Source: Brady

Brady (BRY.L), the leading global supplier of trading, risk management and settlement solutions for commodities, is pleased to announce that Selco Finance & Industrial Group, a leading global trading group of base oil products, has signed a contract with Brady.

This contract is for a complete solution to support the client's substantial base oil trading.

Selco Finance & Industrial Group was founded in 2003 and has been mainly involved in the trading of refined petroleum products. The team behind Selco Finance & Industrial Group has been in the commodity trading since 1976 and has traded a number of commodities including plastics, fertilizers and various petroleum products. Selco is currently focusing on the trading of base oil used as the raw material for the production of lubricants and in some other industries such as tire manufacturing. The experienced team behind the company has turned Selco into one of the leading company in the base oil market.

Selco Finance & Industrial Group's CEO, commented: "Our objective is to improve the efficiency of our organisation and to implement an integrated system capable of handling the complete range of our requirements, starting from the operation to finance, logistics and accounting. It is our aim to be the most efficient company in the business for the benefits of our clients."

Gavin Lavelle, CEO at Brady, commented: "This is another excellent client win for Brady Switzerland. This new contract also demonstrates Brady's ability to sell scalable solutions across multiple commodity asset classes."


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