Mint Wireless forms Motorola partnership

Source: Mint Wireless

Mint Wireless Limited (ASX: MNW) ("Mint") is pleased to announce a partnership arrangement with Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT).

The partnership allows Mint to provide Motorola PartnerSelect members a payments service that allows mobility customers to accept payments using their existing Motorola hardware.

Developed to be Software as a Service (SaaS), the Mint Managed Payment Service integrates with the Motorola ISV and Solution Partner's existing Windows Mobile software solution and enables payment acceptance through their application in conjunction with the Motorola DCR7X00-200R.

The Motorola DCR7X00-200R is a "snap on" payment device for any Motorola MC70 and MC75 mobile computer out in the field. Mint will provide the payment application for the ISV designed to support the new payment hardware. For one simple inclusive recurring monthly fee Mint will also provide access to a PCI-DSS compliant Authorisation and Settlement server that processes the transaction to the Acquiring Bank, management information for reporting and ongoing support. This allows the ISV to provide the complimentary functionality of payments to their existing solution suite without heavy capital investment required from their customer. This will turn their existing solution into a Mobile POS device.

The benefit of Mobile POS is significant across many industries especially Field Services and Transport as it allows enterprise users to take payments at the point of quotation and decision all within one business system. In addition, the implementation of global initiatives to tackle fraud, such as EMV chip & PIN means that the investment of the Motorola DCR7X00-200R hardware with the Mint Managed Payment Service will future-proof against any liability shift and cost implications brought in by the banks in relation to EMV.

Motorola is a world leader in Enterprise Mobility solutions, with thousands of DCR7X00-200R compatible Mobile Computers already deployed in Australia. The Mint Managed Payment Service will be ideally placed to convert a large percentage of these to Mobile POS devices in conjunction with the Motorola ISV and Solution partners.

Motorola Australia, Industry Development Group Manager - Enterprise Mobility Business, David Fenner, commented: "The acceptance of payments on our mobile devices is a significant focus for the Motorola business as a whole. As a leading global mobile computing manufacturer we believe that our solution is unique as it's a cost effective way of adding payment capabilities to our existing enterprise solutions. However, due to the distinctive way the payments industry works, we knew we would have to add a specialised partner to our value chain, to address the payment acceptance needs of our diverse customer base, which includes some of the largest companies in the world. We believe that Mint is an ideal partner to put in touch with our ISV community. They will be able to support the channel with any specialist payments support needed to ensure our customers remain satisfied."

Mint Wireless, CEO Payment Solutions, Cameron Olsen, added: "We are delighted to offer our services and expertise to the Motorola ISV and Solution Channel Partners and become part of the Motorola value chain. We believe that Mobile POS is a high growth area and are excited to launch the service in Australia with support for UK and Ireland following quickly. We will also look to expand the service to other European and Asian Pacific markets."

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