Cassovia rolls out Xenomorph TimeScape

Source: Xenomorph TimeScape

Cassovia, the NJ based proprietary trading firm focusing on fundamental investment in equities, has implemented Xenomorph TimeScape analytics and data management system to solve its data issues.

Cassovia needed an extensible, high performance and automated solution to manage, aggregate and analyse company fundamentals, end of day prices and CDS data, which resided in a number of spreadsheets.

Xenomorph's TimeScape platform offered Cassovia the ability to efficiently store and retrieve its data and to import data in many different formats in addition to hundreds of out-of-the-box financial analytics functions.

TimeScape's Spreadsheet Inside (SSI) technology enables Cassovia to run time series calculations, implement back testing strategies and build complex trading models within a centralized and flexible system, increasing the transparency and consistency of data and calculations and quickly and reliably informing Cassovia's trading decisions.

Frantisek Kovac, Principal at Cassovia, said: "Having experienced Xenomorph TimeScape at a major global investment bank, I knew the product was impressive and could easily handle multiple asset classes and time series analysis."

Naj Alavi, Managing Director at Xenomorph Inc, commented: "TimeScape has given Cassovia a fast and robust platform on which to build its business and to expand into new markets and asset classes without the need to invest in a host of technologies."


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