Maples Finance deploys Advent Geneva

Source: Advent Software

Advent Software (NASDAQ:ADVS) a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry, today announced that Maples Finance is using Geneva, Advent's award-winning portfolio management and fund accounting solution, to capitalize on the growing demand for managed account administration services among institutional investors.

Geneva will serve as the firm's platform for servicing multiple managed accounts and managers on behalf of investors.

During the market turmoil of 2008, many institutional investors experienced large losses and liquidity issues in their alternative investment portfolios. Since then, they have been rethinking their hedge fund exposure and looking at managed accounts as an alternative. Through managed accounts, investors can pursue hedge fund strategies, but their assets are not commingled with those of others. Investors view managed accounts as offering greater control, transparency and liquidity.

Administering a platform of multiple hedge fund managers, however, poses operational challenges beyond the scope of many institutions. Maples Finance, a diversified provider of professional fund services, recognized the opportunity to fill that need. The firm originally implemented Advent's Geneva to support its global fund administration business, and therefore had the infrastructure in place to meet the complex accounting and reporting requirements of multiple managed accounts. Combined with the firm's track record of accounting expertise, the technology enables Maples to expand its client base beyond hedge fund managers and service institutional investors directly.

"Hedge fund managed accounts can be quite complex in terms of security types, trade volume and fund structure," says Tyler Kim, Chief Information Officer, Maples Finance. "A managed accounts platform needs to be able to handle a wide array of instruments, strategies and currencies. Geneva provides this and enables us to offer the consolidated reporting and position-level transparency that institutional investors are looking for from managed accounts."

"We're thrilled to see Maples Finance taking the lead in adapting Geneva to this new and growing market," said Chris Momsen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Advent. "Maples has a long-standing reputation for excellence in client service and industry thought leadership, and Geneva is recognized as the gold standard for portfolio management in the alternative investment industry. That combination adds up to a very compelling value proposition for institutional investors' managed accounts."

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