BancTec releases Image Sentry 2.0

Source: BancTec

BancTec, a leading provider of document management solutions, announced the release of its latest product, Image Sentry 2.0.

Leveraging the earlier release of BancTec's image quality analysis tool, Image Sentry 2.0 is the next generation solution for rapid, high-quality cheque image assurance. The new capabilities in this release include image usability, MICR data integrity, scalability and IRD print utility.

Image Sentry 2.0 is an ideal image quality solution for capture, exchange and archival of cheque images. It allows financial institutions to assess, verify, correct and manage cheque images in distributed capture environments - such as branch front and back counter, lockbox and reject repair. In an image exchange environment, Image Sentry 2.0 can be used to ensure that images sent to other financial institutions meet the quality requirements of the exchanging parties or that images received from a financial institution are acceptable to archive for customer access. Image Sentry 2.0 offers financial institutions a fast, easily executable custom solution that addresses cheque image quality assurance challenges.

"With the launch of Image Sentry 2.0, BancTec delivers a completely unique tool to achieve optimal performance as check imaging operations are transformed by Check 21," said J. Coley Clark, President and CEO of BancTec. "With the speed and flexibility of Image Sentry 2.0, BancTec delivers a return on investment in the form of more transactable cheque images."

BancTec offers a flexible solution in Image Sentry 2.0 by giving financial institutions the ability to analyze cheque images using the 16 quality indicators defined by the Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC). In addition, using state-of-the-art recognition technology from A2iA, Image Sentry 2.0 determines the presence and usability of selected cheque image fields - such as date, payee, convenience amount, legal amount, signature, MICR line, payor name and address, memo line, payor bank name and address, payee endorsement, bank of first deposit endorsement and subsequent bank endorsement. All quality and usability deficiencies are flagged for repair.

Image Sentry 2.0 provides the tools to act quickly when image defects occur and manage potential issues before they become problems. Image Sentry 2.0 maximises Check 21 benefits by helping financial institutions:

  • Safeguard image availability and integrity
  • Detect and resolve problems faster
  • Minimize risk and better monitor exchange items
  • Avoid potential financial and operations exposure
  • Realize greater value from imaging investments
  • Decrease check image research costs

Additionally, Image Sentry 2.0 enables financial institutions to compare image MICR lines with the MICR line data in the database to ensure that images correlate correctly with the associated database records. Financial institutions can use image and data files from outside sources with confidence.

Image Sentry 2.0 scalability allows it to work with any image transaction volume. Furthermore, its modules are designed to fit easily into other image applications that would benefit from its automated or interactive image quality assurance and correction.

When image replacement documents must be produced for cheque collection or return to the payor, the Image Sentry 2.0 IRD print module allows an operator to print X9.100-140 compliant documents on any laser or encryption-enabled MICR printer. It supports multiple print layouts, selective re-printing and cash letters.

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