Cutek launches Dashboard for credit unions

Source: Cutek

Viewing any type of data in a "quick look" or "at-a-glance" format makes life much easier when gauging the performance of a credit union.

Financial technology services provider and consultant, CUTEK saw this need and developed a handy, graphical, real-time reporting and activity application called Dashboard. CUTEK's Dashboard collects credit union data, creates customized reports, and provides an encompassing view to keep any level of the organization (branch, executive, user, etc.) updated on current performance - all within seconds. Associated Credit Union of Texas ($288 million; 42,316 members; League City, TX) has been one of CUTEK's development partners for the Dashboard solution.

"We designed this app for the way people work and consume analytical information in today's dynamic and information intensive world," states Mark Borja, VP of Operations for CUTEK. "Our Dashboard makes it easy for business users to tap into their data and metrics online, get better insight into their day-to-day activities, make decisions confidently, and react quickly to changes in their business. Dashboard goes beyond traditional reporting with a graphical pulse that helps credit unions understand the trends and opportunities that impact their business."

Some of Dashboard's features include:
• Takes data from credit union's chosen host system or other third
party data (mortgages, credit cards most common non-host based) and presents them in a graphical interface, including drill down, filtering, and sorting
• Filter by date, by users, by tasks, by branch, and even individual
loans (if needed)
• Able to export in a variety of formats .tif, PDF, MHTML, Excel, Word, and more
• Ability of reports to be scheduled, emailed or archived (automation
of reports to be created refreshed, or delivered)

"We saw this product as an apparent need for credit unions to find out what's going on with their operations performance-wise, " says Ron Murray, President of CUTEK. "We developed Dashboard with the help of our credit union development partners to assist them in this area so they can get a quick fix on how they're doing in a myriad of operation categories. We see it as helping them track their performance easier and making any necessary adjustments to continue their success. It just makes everything so easy."

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