Jack Henry signs for Inetco Insights

Source: Inetco Systems

Inetco Systems Limited, a leading expert in business transaction management for the financial services industry, today announced that Jack Henry & Associates (NASDAQ: JKHY) will deploy Inetco Insight to further improve customer service and reduce the possible risk of downtime in its expanding payment processing business.

The software will be deployed by Jack Henry & Associates' jhaPassPort EFT Solutions Group and JHA Payment Processing Solutions which provide the company's extensive array of payment processing platforms and ATM, debit, credit, and prepaid card solutions for both banks and credit unions.

INETCO Insight provides real-time visibility into the complete path of every payment transaction. Real-time data about applications, switch components, network links, and third-party service providers will be correlated and displayed in a way that makes it much easier to isolate any issues that could cause transaction slowdowns or declines. With INETCO Insight, the jhaPassport EFT Solutions Group and JHA Payment Processing Solutions will be able to access and query up to eight days of complete transaction history to track and resolve problems. Issues can be quickly directed to the appropriate level of support and proactively fixed before they result in customer service disruptions.

"We are implementing INETCO Insight based on the product's ability to support our goal to continually enhance customer service, first call resolution rates, and operating efficiency," said Larry Fitch, Operations Manager for the jhaPassPort EFT Solutions Group. "The depth of real-time transaction intelligence provided by this product will help us further streamline our support processes and eliminate the hours spent troubleshooting and piecing together fragmented information gathered from our in-bound customer calls, deep dive monitoring tools, command line traces, and transaction logs."

"Merger and acquisition activity, emerging new payment channels, and compliance regulations are all adding to the growing complexity in payment systems," said Bijan Sanii, President and CEO of INETCO. "By deploying a business transaction management solution such as INETCO Insight, Jack Henry & Associates has shown a commitment to evolving its monitoring strategies and remaining at tht the forefront of innovation."


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