CSCU partners MShift for mobile banking

Source: MShift

Card Services for Credit Unions (CSCU) has expanded its portfolio of electronic payment products to include mobile banking, through a partnership with MShift, adding more value to the member cardholder experience.

CSCU is committed to providing more than 3,000 member credit unions with the latest industry trends and services that keep them on the leading edge. As a part of that commitment, CSCU has partnered with MShift, leveraging their exclusive patented technology to bring member credit unions a holistic solution that's carrier and content agnostic. By leveraging this new strategic partnership and CSCU's pooled volumes, member credit unions will be eligible for significant savings and superior value.

"We were very thorough in our due diligence, considering multiple vendors," said Robert Hackney, CSCU's president. "In the end, we chose MShift because of their strong reputation in the credit union space and their ability to implement mobile across a broad range of core platforms quickly and at a reasonable cost."

"The demands of the mobile banking consumer have rapidly matured from mobile delivery of core banking services, like account balances and transfers, to the mobile access of other important financial services - such as credit/debit card services, P2P payments, check deposit, bill pay, and more," states Scott Moeller, CEO of MShift. "Our patented mobile technology is so unique that it can integrate into the mobile banking platform all of these key non-banking financial services quickly, inexpensively and flexibly. We're honored that CSCU chose to partner with MShift to deliver these services to their Credit Union members."


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