Focus:360° gets iPad friendly revamp

Source: Focus Solutions

Focus Solutions, the leading provider of multi-channel distribution solutions to the financial services industry, is pleased to announce that the latest version of focus:360° has been refined and tested to support browsing on Apple's iPad and iPhone.

The latest version of focus:360°, Focus' multi-channel relationship platform has been refined and tested for use on the Apple iPad Safari browser. From the outset, focus:360° was built with a key design principle of cross browser capability which isn't the case for many distribution and adviser solutions in the market. This has resulted in focus:360° being able to extend support for its powerful and user friendly adviser solution to the Apple iPad.

Dave Upton, UK MD for Focus Solutions, comments: "Using focus:360° on the Apple iPad is a fantastic experience and we have had excellent feedback from users. It is assumed that because the iPad is browser based that any browser based distribution or point of sale solution will automatically run well. This isn't the case. Only solutions that have been designed and tested for cross browser capability such as focus:360° and have no dependency on technology that is not supported on all environments, will work. This allows us to provide access to the broadest range of adviser technology in the market from the user's iPad or iPhone."

Focus also believes that the iPad could help enhance the adviser / customer experience by removing the difficulties of interacting with a laptop at the point of sale and enabling the customer to get much more involved with the proposals that the adviser is presenting.

Upton continues, "The design of the iPad makes it easy for an adviser to show the customer where they are in the advice process as they can simply pass it between themselves. In addition the screen automatically flips to the correct way up when transferred and avoids the barrier between customer and client that a laptop can sometimes create. The iPad can be passed to the customer to complete their own details or review and make changes to suggestions made by the adviser enabling the advice process to be much more consultative and interactive. Also by the very nature of utilising the latesst technology it creates a professional feel for the adviser themselves."

focus:360°'s support for iPad and iPhone browsing provides a complete online solution with access to all focus:360° functionality with specific smart phone applications for both the adviser and the consumer due out soon.

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