TradingScreen launches TCA Consulting Services

Source: TradingScreen

TradingScreen the premier provider of multi-broker and multi-asset class execution management system (EMS) to the Buy Side, announced today the launch of its post-trade Transaction Cost Consulting Service.

The new Consulting Service supplements TradingScreen's multi-asset class transaction cost analysis data with a proprietary range of analytical tools and a face-to-face consulting capability. In order to better cover customer's needs, TradingScreen has conducted an extensive survey of global asset management professionals to develop an original methodology of analysis backed by its transactional database.

"For many clients, especially those with small trading desks, the amount of resources that can be spared for transaction cost analysis is normally limited. TradingScreen has developed a cost-effective solution that can help analyse trading results and propose different execution approaches. This advice is broker neutral, completely unconflicted and leverages one of the largest trade databases in the world" commented Philippe Buhannic CEO of TradingScreen.

As a market leader in the Buy Side Execution Management System space TradingScreen aims to translate its best of breed philosophy to its Consulting Services offering. By following a flexible approach clients will be able to incorporate external data, methodologies and output data to 3rd parties. "Just as clients have preferred brokers, they may have preferred consultants or be interested in proprietary tools offered by others" said Robert Kay, Head of Analytics at TradingScreen. "Our transaction cost data offers benchmarks, parameters and filters across all brokers to a common standard and measurement methodology. If clients want that data provided to their preferred consultants outside TradingScreen, we will accommodate that" he added.


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