Picatinny Federal Credit Union taps Geezeo for PFM platform

Source: Geezeo

Geezeo, a diversified online banking provider that offers personal financial management (PFM), social networking and Web community platforms to financial institutions, announced New Jersey-based Picatinny Federal Credit Union has selected Geezeo to provide a PFM solution and integrated marketing platform.

"Geezeo's account aggregation tools will allow the credit union to offer additional ease and convenience," said Picatinny's CIO, Jason Tilley. "Now we'll have a more member centric experience and can provide relevant marketing communications to our online users."

"We are pleased to work with the team at Picatinny, because they see the marketing possibilities that PFM provides," said Shawn Ward, CEO of Geezeo. "This credit union will now be able to establish a tighter bond with their members and really drive growth and retention."


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