IT2 upgrades Feature Pack

Source: IT2 Treasury Solutions

IT2 Treasury Solutions Limited, a leading global provider of treasury management software solutions to corporate treasuries and financial institutions, announces the release of the Feature Pack for version 7.0.

The Feature Pack has been delivered on schedule, and includes all its pre-announced components.

The Feature Pack offers a rich set of new integral elements for the IT2 treasury management system - including the first internally integrated bank account administration solution, with full eBAM facilities - offered within a treasury management system.

According to Paul Higdon, Chief Technology Officer at IT2: 'Integrated bank account administration provides the last major piece of the puzzle in the provision of a secure and dependable route to enterprise-wide visibility of cash. It also significantly enhances financial risk management, by providing corporate treasuries with efficient, controlled and up to date visibility of global bank exposures. IT2 offers this powerful solution since its single central database is updated in real time with all relevant bank account information, facilitating central visibility of an organisation's key resource - cash.'

The Feature Pack offers a range of additional elements, building as planned on the components of the 7.0 base release. It includes extensions to the lease management and advanced credit risk management solutions, and a number of technical enhancements related to the optimization of high volume performance, scalability and process management.

Kevin Grant, Chief Executive Officer of IT2 Treasury Solutions, adds: 'We continue to build IT2 based on our core competencies of treasury expertise, software innovation and service excellence. Our 80+ team of experienced treasury technology professionals uniquely enables IT2 to design, develop and implement solutions that meet today's most demanding requirements in the critical areas of cash, treasury and financial risk management. The addition of the Feature Pack to version 7.0 emphasises IT2's unique ability to deliver functionally rich solutions, scaled to fulfill the priority requirements of a very broad range of corporate and finanfinancial institution treasuries.'

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